EEG based computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) system

Leveraging the self-developed EEG recording system and AI algorithm for data analysis, SEA System provides an objective indicator of mental health to save doctor’s time on interview.

Using EEG electrodes to capture brain wave as input signals to EEG Amplifier. EEG Amplifier is designed for signal pre-processing to get better signals.

GUI is designed to collect user data, control test flow and display assessment result.

The algorithms are placed on the cloud, which perform data pre-processing, feature extraction and data analysis.

The EEG data will be analyzed and stored on the cloud. We also provide a web portal for doctors to review the assessment report.

Stress EEG Assessment

Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) system is a depression diagnosis aid system, which can provide objective and quantitative indicator to doctor.


From capturing EEG signals to generate assessment report

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